Private Investigators Sunshine Coast

Spouse/Cheating Partner/Infidelity Surveillance

Increased time on the computer by your partner?
Your partner maybe changing the way they dress or look?
Is there a change in the sex life at home?
Is your partner suddenly interested in working out and or joining a gym?
Are you finding your partner is distant from you and notice a change in their behaviour towards you?
Is your partner spending more time away from home?
Unexplainable credit card charges and receipts?

Your partner is suddenly spending more time in the workplace lately?
Your partner’s mobile phone is receiving late night text messages? You are no longer
getting invited to your partners work functions? In general, your partners behaviour
towards you may have changed, and your instincts tell you your partner maybe having
an affair?

Pre Wedding Surveillance

The big day is coming, and you want to be certain your making the right decision to be with
this person for the rest of your life? Are you curious as to what your Fiance gets up to when
your not around?

Employee Sicky Surveillance

You suspect an employee is taking unnecessary and excessive Sick days? Are they at the Beach or Movies?

Fraudulent Workers Compensation Claims

You suspect an employee has obtained an injury to themselves, that didn’t occur at work, or has no injury at all and is spending time at the Gym or Surfing?

Teenager Surveillance

Are you concerned about your childs whereabouts?
Do you suspect your child maybe experimenting with Drugs?
Are you concerned about your childs irregular behaviour?
Do you have concerns of your teenager attending Schoolies Week?

Real estate Pre Purchase Surveillance and Assessment

Considering submitting a contract on a house or apartment? Would you like to get a general idea of the neighbourhood behaviour day and night and your future neighbours?

Building Site Theft Surveillance

Are tools, equipment, or materials going missing from the building site at night and on the weekends?

Stalker Surveillance

Do you have an “Ex Partner” or “Un-desirable”, you suspect is stalking you, or lurking around your property day or night?

Divorce/ Custody Surveillance

Are you uncertain of your childs well being, when your “Ex-Partner” has them in their custody?

Additional Services

Body Guard Services available for

VIP Personal protection service/ Stalking
threats/Media protection.
(Daily and Weekly rates available)

All Investigators and Body Guards are
Ex-Federal and State Law Enforcement.
(Including Witness Protection)

Affordable Private Investigators Queensland
do NOT HAVE any EXTRA costs.

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